The Foundation

Since 1995, we have worked to benefit the East Coast surfing Community, providing Scholastic Assistance and Humanitarian Aid during times of catastrophic need.

When Buddy spent his last days planning the Foundation and how it would work and who it would help, we had no idea how far into the future Buddy could see. Time has proven him to be forward thinking in ways that surprise us almost every day. Before the Internet and Cellphones were commonplace, he gave us the blueprints to work in a world we didn’t even know existed yet. We have yet to run into a situation where Buddy didn’t already have an answer.

Because of his hard work and dedication we were able to hit the ground running. And we haven’t looked back. There are so many things we’ve done with Buddy’s Foundation that have benefitted many in his Surfing Community. Buddy’s friendships up and down the East Coast combined with his impeccable reputation certainly made our job a bit easier starting out.

We are comprised of a Governing Board led by President Bill Roach and Vice-President Mike Holleman. They know Buddy’s vision and what he would want better than anyone else ever could. They are the pillars on which we built Buddy’s dream.

We also have a Scholarship Committee, a Humanitarian Aid Committee and Special Event Coordinators. Working together we get things done. And we are blessed by Volunteers, some who have been with us since the beginning, who never fail to rise to any challenge or task we ask of them.

Please browse through our Website and if you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us. We love sharing the Buddy Love.